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A project from the heart... 


An idea turning in my mind for long, came to reality.

The urge to do something different, bring out the artistic approach in things. I love the outcome of this, every single image.

Dear Adriana Holban, with your  make up and hair styling skills, you gave the perfect touch. Timo Bolte, with your unique floral designs that were the essential ingredient and Alina Rotter with your excellent posing, this wonderful collaboration brought an idea to reality and I thank you for this.

For making this a project from the heart….

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Happy New Year!


As an absolute sun lover I thought of sharing these photos , I absolutely cherish, right in the middle of winter. Marianthi got married this summer and asked my mother to sew her wedding dress, which is totally handmade. Loved the dress, loved the bride so we organized a relaxed shooting, choosing the elements I totally adore: olive trees, sun, beach and calmness.


I have enjoyed it so much, as the shooting took place in October with the nice smooth sun light over us filling our hearts with warmth.

Through these photos I would like to wish you all a bright, happy, sunny, calm and exciting 2017.

Let us all be creative, with a big smile on our face!


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Behind the Scenes...

Photographing  for Fashion designers is always an unforgetable experience! Working with a team of professionals (makeup artists, models) in beautiful locations is just a wonderful, creative feeling.


This time the shootings for the new collection of Michel Mayer and new headpieces collection of Niely Hoetsch, as well the new collection of designer Theresa Hirtzberger, took place in a brand new photo studio in the center of Vienna and then at the  fantastic location of Trenninghof in the suburbs of Vienna.


Thank you to Niely Hoetsch and to Werner Weißmann for the hospitality!!! So here some impressions - with a rather artistic approach - of the backstage preparations. It was more then fun I have to say.

It was pure inspiration! 

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Wedding in Folegandros, Greece


I would like to welcome you to my blog. A page in which I intend to share loved photos, inner thoughts, big or

smaller moments of my life as a photographer….


It was not very hard to decide about my first post. The wedding of  Christos & Evi was indeed special, and I enjoyed it

with my whole heart. Folegandros: A very dear island to me, as I spent there the most relaxing holiday with my dear husband a few years ago.


When Christos & Evi decided to get married in Folegandros... click here to see more! 

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